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Saturday, 10 December 2011

nadeera alone ~

heyy guys .. my name is nadira binti fairul anuar , im 17 years old .. im johorien pluss and im proud to be malaysian :) i love music .. cant live without music , my camera , my friendss and my beloved family :)
semue org ckp phone is the important thing in their life , but for mee .. no phone no die ~ hahaha ..
im single ... and try looking for someone who can make mee smile again , take care of me .. i need someone yg boleh jage nadee mcm mane mama and ayh jage nadee :) ade x ? hahai susah nak cari .. but i know .. one day ill found it .. i have my own group under CP SELATAN andd im from JB CLICK .. suke sgt ambik gambar bak kate yuna SETIAP GAMBAR ADA LAGUNYAA ~ even its looks stupid .. pergi tempat buruk2 .. ambik gmbr .. pergi kedai makan ambik gmbar org mkn .. itu lah kerjaye saye bila saye dah besar :) and i hope one day ill have my own production and name production tuh .. CLICK SANE SINI .. thats it .. yg ni try jee

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  1. untunglah dh de blog..ngeee...cntik lh blog ko...